A Soldier’S Prayer



This prayer was written by my father while serving overseas in 1939.

Our Father Who art in heaven please hear our fervent plea.

Your poor bewildered children are overwhelmed with mystery.

When shall we learn the secret of how to live in the world in peace?

To love our earthly brothers. To work side by side at ease.

Shall we go right on forever destroying man his brain and brawn?

Or shall we someday learn our lesson that, it’s us, not Your commandments that are wrong.

Where else could we seek the answers that we bring to Thee in quest?

We lay at your feet our troubles and cares because You alone know what is best.

Must we carry on this slaughter bringing grief to all concerned?

Will the lesson be to love thy neighbor and will those who survive have learned?

We left our happy homes to fight, to win this war or die?

In my heart I know I’m right. But I can’t help wondering why.

One man wanted power. He’d rule the world, he said.

He doesn’t know that you’re alive. He seems to think you’re dead.

Whatever may be the outcome is completely up to you.

But Father, please forgive them for they know not what they do.

Our enemies are only human and have made a grave mistake.

But for all of us to see the light, how much longer will it take?

I’ll give the best or all of me that we may justly win the fight.

And You won’t think me a coward though I pray for peace each night.

Kathleen Kelly


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