Fortunate To Have Prmc



Too often I have heard negative opinions regarding our local hospital, Payson Regional Medical Center. I can only surmise that these individuals have never seen for themselves firsthand what fantastic care is given to those who have had need of their services.

Having been hospitalized six or seven times over the past 17 years and just recently for eight days, I feel qualified as a very good judge of the quality of the care given there. Each hospitalization has proven to improve upon the excellence of the previous one.

All the staff, male and female, exemplifies the best of skills at all levels down to housekeeping. But that which cannot be achieved by training but is definitely a part of the healing art is that of kindness, compassion and consideration which abounds at PRMC.

We in the Rim Country should consider ourselves a most fortunate community to have such an asset.

To all of the staff and doctors at PRMC I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without your skill, and loving care, I’m sure I would never have reached the ripe old age of 83 without you. God bless each and every one of you.

Harold R. Snyder


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