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I wish to congratulate the Payson Roundup newspaper and, particularly, Mr. Pete Aleshire, editor, for an outstanding article written in the Tuesday, Nov. 13 edition of the Roundup newspaper. That article, in my opinion represents a “Pulitzer Prize winning essay” on what Veterans Day is all about!

Aleshire completely captures the events as they unfolded on that Veterans Day and so eloquently painted a vivid picture of the emotions felt and displayed by all in attendance.

It has always been our intent to craft community programs to pay tribute to our veterans and to honor all patriotic occasions in the most fervent and respectful manner possible. Those who volunteer their efforts have worked hard to make that happen and, over the years, we have crafted and structured our programs carefully and deliberately to include all American patriots as participants. The program presented on Veterans Day 2012 in the PHS Auditorium represents the sum total of the guidance, direction and execution of our community effort and intent to honor the occasion. The excellent article in the Payson Roundup captures that word picture of a “community happening” in action.

Each and every element of the program has a statement to make from the opening remarks to the closing remarks. From the playing of our national anthem, through each service hymn and closing with “Amazing Grace” and “Taps,” we weave an emotional tribute to the occasion, in this case, a tribute to our veterans.

On that day, Veterans Day 2012, each veteran had a very personal and emotional experience as the display was viewed and absorbed. Each veteran felt as if the tribute were directed, personally, at him or her. They saw themselves reflected in the eyes of the performing youth, they remembered their service and humbly accepted the recognition offered. Each and every veteran felt as if they were like Lou Gehrig in the spotlight at Yankee Stadium receiving that overwhelming recognition and in the words of Gehrig, “People all say that I’ve had a bad break. But today ... Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth”... Indeed, each veteran walked away from that day a bit taller, a bit prouder and satisfied with a job well done and recognized by his fellow Americans.

Well done Payson Roundup!

Bill Sahno, chairman,

Payson Patriotic Events Committee


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