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Payson Lions Charitable Foundation

Payson Lions Charitable Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization serving the needs of Payson and surrounding communities with eye exams, glasses, hearing assistance and other community services.

It qualifies as a charitable organization under the State of Arizona Working Poor tax credit. It is not in competition with the school tax credit. Donors can give to both. How does it work?

• Donate up to $400 for couples filing jointly ($200 for individuals) on or before Dec. 31.

• Itemize your deductions on Federal Schedule A

• Your add back is done on Arizona Schedule A (Arizona will not permit you to take this as a deduction and a credit)

• Submit tax forms with your Arizona Income Tax filing (include tax forms 321 and 301). On page one of Arizona form 140 you take a dollar-for-dollar credit. The State of Arizona will reduce the amount you owe in state taxes up to $400.

• Include your donation among Charitable Contributions in filing your Federal Tax return.

Important note: Always contact a tax professional for expert advice on your specific tax situation. For more information on this tax credit (ARS 43-1088), please contact the Arizona Department of Revenue at (602) 255-3381, or access their Web site at

Contact Lion Bill Davis regarding the form needed to make the donation.

More Lions work

Payson Lions are collaborating with the Measles Initiative partners, a global collaboration of leading public health agencies, to rescue children from measles. In 2010, Lions and Lions Club International Foundation, with a challenge grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and support from local ministries of health and other Measles Initiative partners, provided immunizations for more than 41 million children in Africa.

Now, as our efforts expand, Lions have the opportunity to help children in all countries where measles remains a heavy public health burden through the challenge grant.

Donations to the “One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative” sponsored by Lions Club International Foundation, have reached $5 million and half way to the club’s $10 million goal.

Measles is one of the world’s deadliest vaccine-preventable diseases: 450 children die each day. Many others suffer from severe complications, including blindness, brain damage and hearing loss. With an inexpensive vaccine made possible by the Measles Initiative, Lions have the power to ensure that children around the world have access to a healthier childhood through a simple vaccination. For less than $1, we can vaccinate one child for life. You can help us save the lives of these children and ensure they do not become a statistic.

If you wish to help Payson Lions in this effort, please contact us at (928) 474-2176 or (928) 474-9201. If you wish to make a donation, donations by check should be made to Payson Lions Charitable Foundation, designated for the “One Shot, One Life” initiative and mailed to P.O. Box 436, Payson, AZ 85547. All such donations received go directly to the initiative.

Special Alzheimer’s program

A special program for Alzheimer’s caregivers is planned from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 16 at the Payson Senior Center.

Tryn Rose Seley will present 15 Minutes of Fame – how one photo does wonders to bring you both back to solid ground. Participants will develop simple ways to engage and connect with the person they care for; create trust; and accomplish daily tasks with greater ease.


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