Democrats Flushed The Toilet



Mr. Ric Hawthorne (Letter to Editor, Nov. 13 edition): Could not agree with you more! The quote is from an Irishman from about the late 1500s. At that time, he was correct. Today, we are a little smarter than that. Remember 1776? I’m not saying we should do it again as there are other ways today.

A couple of things you left out are: Mohammad Obama, Princess H.R. Clinton, I did not inhale Clinton and the U.N. — all want to relieve us of our firearms.

To borrow a quote from Charlton Heston, “They can have my gun when they pry my cold dead fingers from around it.”

And if you want to, find out who is happy about Nov. 6, go to the unemployment/food stamp office in Payson and see who comes out smiling, and who comes out crying. It won’t be the whites smiling. If we ever get to the last two items on your list, I will more than likely do something stupid to prevent myself from being there.

Susan Rice for Secretary of State, Sen. John Kerry for Secretary of Defense — maybe it is time for 1776! And as for the two women now involved with a couple of very good generals, within a month, they will be on the talk show (circus) making millions of dollars. I do not condone what the generals did; they were just coerced into a prescribed plan.

I said this on KMOG radio Wednesday, Nov. 7, “On Monday, Nov. 5, the U.S. was struggling in the toilet. On Tuesday, Nov. 6, the Democrats flushed the toilet!”

Barry Goldwater, where are you when we desperately need you?

Dave Cleland Sr.


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