Greer Should Resign



As I read the article “Pine/Strawberry water district boils over” — all I could say with complete exasperation was, “What next?” It is just one cover-up and wrongdoing after another at the national level (Obama-Clinton/Benghazi), the state-national level (Holder/Fast and Furious) and now locally with PSWID with Mr. Greer (the treasurer no less!) using a district credit card without approval.

I feel like I’m living among corruption everywhere. Where have all the moral compasses gone in our leaders at every level? Being moral and doing the right thing seems to be almost non-existent anymore.

I am a full-time Pine resident, but have not met, nor do I personally know, any of the PSWID members, so I write this with complete objectivity. The fact is that by using a district credit card as he did, Mr. Greer at the very least showed very poor judgment and cannot be trusted to serve on this board. As for simply accepting his apology and moving on, I say, “No!”

We are not talking about a young child here who is just learning the difference between right and wrong and should be allowed to apologize for their inappropriate behavior and move on with the knowledge that what they did was wrong. This is a grown man who should know better, but obviously doesn’t. His apology is not enough to excuse him for his actions and it should not allow him to continue on this board.

Mr. Greer needs to step down. As board chairman Mr. Lovetro’s role is to look out for the best interest of the community. In this capacity, he cannot support keeping Greer on the board and defend him, as what Greer did is indefensible. Mr. Weeks should not be “angrily denounced” by Mr. Lovetro for how he presented Greer’s credit card abuse. Mr. Weeks’ moral compass apparently is working just fine and I applaud and thank him (as should Mr. Lovetro) for doing the right thing.

Spare us the cost of a recall election, Mr. Greer. Resign.

Sue Thompson


Ric Hawthorne 4 years, 1 month ago

Well said Sue.

I have many questions as well. -

  • Why isn't Mr. Greer being asked to reimburse ALL charges to the credit card that he has not provided receipts for? Without receipts are residents merely expected to accept the word of Mr. Greer and Mr. Lovetro that the charges were for PSWID materials?
  • Why is Mr. Lovetro more interested in protecting Mr. Greer than he is in securing the publics trust in the PSWID Board?
  • If Mr. Lovetro seriously had issues with a possible conflict of interest with Mr. Tom Weeks, and he was looking into it prior to Mr. Weeks bringing to light Mr. Greer's illegal use of the credit card, why did Mr. Lovetro only bring his concerns to light AFTER Mr. Weeks spoke and in an obvious attempt to deflect attention away from Mr. Greer's abuses?
  • Why is it the Mr. Lovetro seems to have an personal agenda that is being imposed on the PSWID board members and PSWID customers?

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