Fiscal Cliff



There’s been a lot of talk and articles in the Roundup about the fiscal cliff. I’d like to add my view.

The Democrats have been dreaming about these tax increases for 20 years. If you have been paying attention in just the last four years, you know that Obama and the Democrats have gone on the nightly news and every Sunday talk show, week after week, to tell us they want all of these tax hikes.

Well, Santa has answered their wish list. All the Democrats have to do, to get all of these tax hikes, is to do nothing. They just have to stall.

The opportunity for them is too great. Every tax increase they have dreamed about, they can have on Jan. 1. They don’t even have to vote on it!

All they need to do is sit back, point a finger at the Republicans, and stall.

Bingo! On Jan. 1 it’s tax hike heaven. And that’s not even counting the Obamacare tax hikes set to take effect on the first as well. And I hope nobody is expecting these additional revenues to go to balancing the budget or to pay down the national debt. The Democrats are going to spend every dime of it.

Congratulations America! It’s time to live with your choices.

Steven Hahn


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