Greer Should Resign From Pswid Board



This ongoing volcano that has been impacting the entire community of Pine and Strawberry has finally erupted! Once again, Mr. Greer has shown his lack of honesty and integrity by misusing PSWID’s credit card for personal use. (This is our money, not his.)

So what if he paid it back, that does not excuse his illegal actions.

We need Michael Greer to resign from the PSWID board!

And speaking of his illegal actions, he blatantly removed the red tag Gila County inspectors put on his electrical work at our Community Center, which could have created a fire in our historical buildings.

He feels he doesn’t have to follow the law.

We also need to ferret out why Chairman Gary Lovetro continues to support Michael Greer and ask why he criticized Mr. Weeks for questioning credit card bills unrelated to the district.

Who signed these checks anyway?

We need action; we need resignations; or recalls; and we need it now!

Barbara Privette


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