‘Peace On Earth And Good Will Toward Men’



Now that the season of political personal attacks and backbiting has ended, we can concentrate on “peace on earth and good will toward men.”

Paul Gonnerman, an elderly widower of Payson North neighborhood, has always shown an exceptional example of good will.

A few years ago I had a stroke and Paul came over to care for my dogs until my daughter could arrive from out of town.

Last spring, my husband had a severe asthma attack while I was spending the night in Phoenix. Paul took him to the ER at about 9 p.m. and then went back to bring him home after midnight.

This summer, we needed a vehicle to move some furniture for a local resident that had lost her home. Once again, Paul was there and loaned his pickup to us.

Many other residents of Payson could no doubt provide us with other deeds he has done for them or our community.

Paul Gonnerman is no longer able to lift the heavy items, cut and haul brush and trash, and perform many other volunteer duties that he loved to do. He has had a couple of major health problems recently, but he is still an excellent example of “good will toward men.”

Wanda Sanford and Marvin Radtke


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