Political Silly Season



Tuesday’s letters had some interesting political commentary, which helps explain why the worst “president” in U.S. history still has 40 percent approval rating.

Ms. Freeman neglected to inform us that Obama handpicked Dr. Carmona as a rubber stamp for Obama’s Marxist agenda.

Dr. Meszar wants us to vote for Kirkpatrick and Sinema just because they are women. I guess that we are to forget that Ann Kirkpatrick, a far leftwing ACLU lawyer who we kicked out two years ago, voted in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama to give us the disaster we currently have, or that Kyrsten Sinema is a self-proclaimed socialist, whose voting record in the Arizona House is among the worst of the big spending liberals.

Mr. Paulk throws out the Davis Bacon talking point. While it is true that Davis Bacon raises costs by requiring kickbacks to unions, that is a moot point. Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress spent almost $1 trillion for the “stimulus” — money borrowed from our grandchildren’s future and the Chicoms to create all these “shovel ready jobs” that turned into a trillion dollar slush fund for Obama’s supporters and did not create one real job. Even the Democrat-controlled Senate rejected Obama’s latest budget 97-0.

Pat Rollins accuses Romney and Ryan of telling uncountable lies while not able to find even one, while her candidate spews a new lie every time he opens his mouth. A few examples:

Obama’s lie — Actual facts

No Lobbyists — Dozens of lobbyists have almost unlimited access to Obama.

Most transparent administration in history —Everything this regime does is behind closed doors: eg. Obamacare. We still do not know all the disasters hiding in this 2,700-page bill and the hundreds of thousands of pages of regulations still to be written by the more than 200 new bureaucracies created by this monster that nobody read.

Cut the deficit in half — $6 trillion in new debt by the end of Obama’s first term.

Pass the stimulus and unemployment will be 5.6 percent in 3 years — If counted the same way as when Obama took office it is over 11 percent.

Shovel ready jobs — Obama now admits, laughing, “not so shovel ready.”

If I can’t fix this in three years it will be a one term proposition — Obama has destroyed the economy, alienated our allies, apologized to our enemies, abandoned our only ally in the Middle East, Israel, and goes campaigning while Al Qaeda attacks our embassy in Libya and murders our ambassador and three others.

He refuses to utter the word terrorist! And he is telling us he deserves four more years, apparently to finish his dream of bringing America to its knees and creating the next Venezuela, of which he will be president for life like his ally, Hugo Chavez.

If Obama somehow manages to lie his way into office again, this country is finished.

Dale Oestmann


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