What Happened To Wanting To Succeed?



In response to Mr. Chamberlain’s recent letter — Mr. Chamberlain seems so obsessed with the rich that he makes factual sounding statements that are false. For instance: “The top 1 percent own 80 percent of all stock.” The fact is the vast majority of stock is owned by the middle class through their retirement plans, IRAs or private investment. Thus the vast portion of dividends goes to the middle/lower income people. As to sending jobs overseas, it is General Motors that is moving their entire design center to China where they already have seven or eight major assembly plants. So much so that they are closing plants in the Midwest. This is the company that received $50 billion in a bailout and became as a result, union owned. None of the “top 1 percent” had anything to do with that decision. The concept of wanting to succeed and better one’s self is rapidly disappearing in this country, being replaced by “you owe me.”

Vince Grennon


don evans 4 years, 3 months ago

Actualy, 47% of us believe the Govt. owes them some freebie at the expense of those who earn their own living.


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