Dems Destroying Country



I have so many comments about some of the letters in the Tuesday, Sept. 25 edition. First Richard Carmona, he just became a Democrat last November after receiving money from Obama. Carmona was forced to resign after directing the Pima County Healthy Care system into $46 million in debt.

Next, gender gap — Ann Kirkpatrick destroyed our district and was voted out and Paul Gosar has done a lot of good in our district. Now she’s back with Nancy Pelosi, backing to help close down the Navajo generating plant. Kyrsten Sinema, who is more liberal than the liberals is asking for a massive tax hike. I would vote for a woman like Sylvia Allen or Brenda Barton if they decided to run for a higher office.

The Republican Party reflects me. In 2007 Pelosi and Reid controlled House and Senate throwing us in debt. Republicans took over the House and Harry Reid and the Senate have not passed a budget in 43 months.

I’m tired of Obama and his followers blaming everybody but themselves. Democrats can’t say one thing Obama has done good for this country, but blame others.

Dale R. Kasl


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