Republicans Vote Against Seniors, Military



I was wondering if Ted Paulk ever got his answer to “Why are some contractors against Obama” letter (Roundup, Sept. 11).

I have the same question for seniors and military families. If you look at the way our elected officials vote, our seniors and military families should support Democrats not the Republicans, due to the fact that Republicans vote against anything that would help or benefit our seniors and our military families.

Even President Obama’s huge stimulus packages went to funding the unfunded SSB and Medicare programs and still most seniors are Obama haters.

I don’t get it. It is unfortunate, Mr. Paulk, but I do believe the majority of Americans believe everything they are told even if it is a lie and think voting is a “team sport” and they pick a side and support them no matter how much they do to destroy our country. Kind of scary to think, but it is true.

Sue-Ann Eischen


don evans 4 years, 3 months ago

Yo Sue, that's exactly how we got Obama! We deserve what he has done to us....


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 3 months ago

Ms. Eischen, this post is nowhere near as elegant as you posted on Sept. 28th.

To answer your first question, yes, Mr. Paulk did get his answer. Refer to this link to see his post and the responses wherein his questions were answered, conclusively.

My answers to Mr. Paulk were rather pointed, because I’ve spent years in the construction business, and similarly, I am both a senior and have military experience. This oft quoted, but nearly forgotten, catch phrase sums up my military experience, nicely. “Sleep well, your Air Force is awake.”

Now to the second question. Seniors, in general, remember bygone days when the gov’t wasn’t sticking its nose in our business. We were free to drive the car we wanted, not the one designed to meet gov’t specifications. (Remember, an elephant is merely a mouse built to gov’t specs.) We weren’t told what kind of potties we had to sit on, or what light bulbs we could use.

I was just billed $10,000+ for a procedure that cost only $2,100 three years ago; an identical procedure by the same doctor. My insurance said the higher bills were due to new regulations. Each step of the procedure must be coded, with the appropriate amt. Reviewing my former bills, there were only 4 codes. On this year’s billings, they were inflated, but not badly. The excess was in the additional codes, now running about 20. Under the new mandates, they must accept the inflated charges, because the gov’t requires the additional codification, which creates additional billings. Hussein said healthcare would be cheaper. As you can see, that was a flat out lie.

The gov’t also stole $716B from the medicare program to help finance Obamacare. Pure theft, because we paid our dues to medicare through the taxes ripped from our fingers. Now, it goes poof and disappears. I can give a link to the CBO document explaining the $716B if you’d like to read it.

As for military people? Think of our motivation to become military to begin with. We love our country and the freedoms it stands for. Many gave their lives for them. Others suffer through years of agony, all so you can write such foolishness.

Now, freedom after freedom disappears. Is that what we fought for? Did I set at ground zero, night after night, to get our nuclear birds in the green, just so this jerk could take more and more of our freedoms from us? He ignores our rule of law, opting to make new law with a stroke of his pen. By executive order, he negates the effectiveness of the congress, as poor as that has been. And, he affects the very sacrifices we made, belittling them. Now, you think we should grovel at his feet when he tosses us a bone? One he pulled from the bodies of our fellow citizens?


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