Ask Some Questions Before Voting



Many agree that the upcoming election will be the most significant election in memory. This is especially true in the case of the president of the United States.

Deciding on one candidate is particularly difficult when we are regularly bombarded with messages from a mass media that clearly is prejudiced. One outlet leans right and the next leans left and we are stranded in the middle.

A recommendation: forget the hype, and ask yourself questions. Which candidate, based on a record, has broken or kept promises? Who has a reputation of honesty and ethical behavior? When in office, was the entity served better or worse than before? Which candidate works effectively with the wider world?

Who tells the truth, even if it is bad news? Who is more likely to have the respect of world leaders? Which candidate has goals that are better for the nation? Who is likely to do what needs to be done?

Of all the questions one pushes to the forefront — Are you better off than when the incumbent began a term? The question should be answered by every voter.

It is our duty to question the candidates’ qualifications and then vote as if our life depended on it. Given conditions, perhaps our lives do depend on it.

John Lemon


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