Carmona Is Exactly What Citizens Of Arizona Need



RE: Best Candidate for Arizona’s Senatorial Race

Richard Carmona has led an amazing life that has prepared him to become an outstanding senator. Overcoming a difficult childhood and a rocky adolescence, Dr. Carmona has amassed a plethora of notable accomplishments including: serving as a Vietnam combat medic; completing college and obtaining a medical degree; becoming a trauma surgeon; establishing a regional trauma center in Pima County; working as a deputy sheriff for 25 years; acting as a detective; leading a swat team; receiving the “top cop” award in Arizona; serving the nation in the capacity of Surgeon General in the Bush administration; and filling the position of professor at the University of Arizona.

Richard Carmona is foremost a problem solver who can address the state’s and nation’s challenges with clear thinking. This clear thinking and decisive action will lead to definitive solutions that will move the state and the nation forward. He is exactly what the citizens of Arizona need to represent them in the United States Senate. Vote for Carmona.

Sandy Finn


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