A Giver, A Taker — Which Would You Choose?



When we consider the two candidates who are running for president of the United States it is obvious that they could not be more different. In other words, we are being offered a genuine choice.

Obama is a giver, as evidenced by his life of service and his commitment to helping others. Romney is a taker, as evidenced by his Bain Capital jobs-destroying record of gaining wealth at the expense of others. Obama is up front about all his income and keeps it in the United States of America. Romney’s income sources as well as investments are hidden in numerous off shore accounts.

We have a giver and a taker running for the highest office in the land. Who do you think should be president of these United States of America?

Mike Voden


don evans 4 years, 3 months ago

Let me guess. You must be part of the 47% living off of everyone else. No wonder you love the Obamanation. Do your fair share, Defend freedom, and Defeat obama.....


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 3 months ago

Mr. Voden, how do you figure that Romney’s investments are ‘hidden’? If they were hidden, would you know of them? No. Are they offshore? Some. Some aren’t. Do you have a money market account? If you do, then you too, have funds ‘hiding’ offshore. About 2/3rds of working Americans have money market accounts, and therefore have some funds overseas, for all the major money market accounts invest overseas, or invest in companies with overseas investments. Where is the difference, other than your blindness, and/or bias?

Now, consider, how did Barak Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, become a millionaire. Do lawyers representing community action groups get to that status? A few maybe. But, there’s no record. But, we do know how Romney got where he is.

What do you base your statement saying “Obama is up front about all his income”? What about that sleazy deal he got from the racketeer who helped him get that expense house for a song? Was that “up front”? What is his education based on? Nobody knows. It is hidden. Why did he go to Pakistan in ’81 when it was a no travel zone for Americans. How did he get there, when American passports were not allowed? Again, hidden.

As for Bain Capital, can you prove what you’ve accused them of? From what I’ve read, and from what I know of business, companies that buy other companies do so to make a profit. Obviously. Most purchased companies were on the skids anyway. Meaning that most or all of their employees were to lose their jobs anyway.

Now, when the smoke clears, if you hunt around, you can find someone that gripes that they lost their job because of a buyout. That type of person was probably first on the list to be laid off/terminated anyway. That is generally speaking. There are always exceptions.

That happened to me, as a matter of fact. I worked closely with the seller, helping him value his business at over $72MM. But, I don’t think less of the company that bought the one I worked for, even if they did cut me loose. I was one of the few that was pushed out. I accept that. It’s just business. And, the majority of the 600+ people kept their jobs, and have flourished under the new regime. Good for them, and good for the company that brought that about.

When a company can buy up another, and re-arrange how it is structured, how it does business and provides the funding for it to exist on its own, then the purchasing company can sell that company and make a profit. The end result is good for the majority of the employees and for our economy.

You like Obama for being a “giver”. A giver of what? Our hard earned money. While he kills oil jobs in the gulf, he gives my money to Brazil to do the same thing there? Why? I don’t like jerks giving my taxes to those who compete against us. He has troops on the ground in Palestine teaching them how to fight. I don’t want my money given to them, or my money used for that purpose.


John Lemon 4 years, 3 months ago

I like to know persons who are "givers". Givers and sharers of a talent, knowledge, time, love - all fo these things make me appreciate a person. I do not appreciate people or groups that give what is not theirs to give. That is Obama in a nutshell. I want to stand on my own and live my life on my own as far as is reasonable. Too bad that there are so many nowadays that are pleaders, whiners and beggars.


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