Obama Terrifies Me



A few weeks ago Jim Muhr said that as Adam Shepherd’s aunt I have a vested interest in getting him elected sheriff. Jim is right. I do have a vested interest. I live in this county. I want the most qualified person to be sheriff and that person is Adam Shepherd.

As a citizen of this country, I also have a vested interest in other political races. I have a responsibility to help elect those who are most qualified for the jobs they seek. I registered to vote for the first time back in 1963 and have voted in every General Election since then. This one will possibly decide whether this country survives, or goes down in an inglorious blaze.

The first time I saw Barack Obama and heard him speak, he scared me. I am still scared, or more accurately, I am terrified. This president has an agenda and it appears to be one none of us is going to like.

It is impossible to even imagine $16 trillion in debt, yet that’s where we are, and it’s growing constantly. We’re borrowing money to pay our debts. We’re borrowing money to send out foreign aid. We’re borrowing money to do bailouts. In short, we’re borrowing from foreign countries to run our government.

When you start borrowing money you begin to dig a hole. At some point you dig a hole so deep you can’t climb out of it. When we can’t dig ourselves out, we go bankrupt. That means we all fail. We have no more jobs. We have no more defenses against invaders. We have nothing but chaos.

In Arizona we have an open border where foreign nations smuggle in drugs and weapons on a daily basis, and we aren’t able to stop that flow. We passed a bill to help us in this effort and the president of the United States sued us for trying to protect ourselves and the rest of the country from foreign invasion. It appears that we Arizonans are expendable. We are not getting the support we need from the government and apparently we can’t be allowed to protect ourselves.

It’s time to fire this president and get someone who will protect us, stop the runaway spending spree, and help get people back to work.

Over the years many of the rights we were guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution have been stripped from us. One that we still have is the right to vote and elect the people who govern us. This isn’t just a right, it’s a responsibility. Nov. 6 may well be the most important election we’ve ever faced. We all have a vested interest in the outcome of this one. We all need to get out and vote on Nov. 6. If we don’t vote for the right people this time we may never get another opportunity.

Evelyn Wilkerson


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