Frontier Neighbors Weigh In

Frontier Elementary School building

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Frontier Elementary School building



John Wakelin at the School Board meeting expressing his concerns about the lack of green space and playground areas for children in the Frontier School neighborhood.

Two neighbors of the empty Frontier School stood up to request open meetings on the fate of the property – if voters approve the sale, lease or exchange on the November ballot.

Former school board member and Frontier parent Eileen Daniels asked the board to allow neighbors to have a place at the negotiating table.

“If this passes on bond and gives you permission to sell, lease or exchange – I would go through the neighborhood and knock on doors to find people to see if we can be included in the conversation so we don’t see front-end loaders on the property and the buildings being torn down one day,” she said.

John Wakelin, also a resident of the area, had concerns that the former school-site keep some of the open space for the children of the area.

“If you divide Payson into four parts at the 260/87 interchange, this lower Southeast corner has no open green space,” he said, “There are a lot of children in the area and they need a place to play.”


Kathe Manning giving a financial report at the school board meeting.

Currently, Wakelin has gained permission from the District to open the gates each day to allow local children to play in the fields and on the playground equipment.

Barbara Shepherd said that if the voters approve the sale, lease, or exchange, the board would most definitely hold an open meeting at which time residents of the neighborhood could weigh in on the fate of the property.

“It is the friendly neighborhood thing to do,” said Daniels.

The school board agreed.


H. Wm. Rhea III 4 years, 3 months ago

It would be nice if the Town of Payson could acquire a portion of the school - at least the playground to be used as a park in that area of town. I love Green Valley and Rumsey parks, but a few more spread out around town would be nice. We live close to Mustang Park (by Home Depot) and it would be nice if the other areas of town had parks closer for the kids.


Pat Randall 4 years, 3 months ago

Why should the town furnish parks for the kids? Don't people have yards for thier kids to play in or do they just want a place to dump them. I know a lot of people can't have grass at home for the kids to play on because we have to save water for the newcomers. Why should everyone in town have to pay for parks when they don't have kids? Our taxes are to high now. what happens if the school opens again. Will people still be allowed to use the grounds while school is in session? Will there be a charge?


H. Wm. Rhea III 4 years, 3 months ago

I understand the taxes issue and I oppose tax increases. I'm for the School District giving to the City, the entire school lot. Since Payson taxpayers already paid for the school through taxes, transferring ownership to the City, if they would take it, would be a wash, speaking monetarily.

Now if the school district does sell the property to a private concern, they ought to rebate the tax payers or else not ask for the tax increase that is on the ballot this election.


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