Diligence Of Vogel, Town Staff Appreciated



Since moving to Payson, I have had the distinct opportunity to observe the operation of the town officials of Payson.

In comparison of other municipalities I have dealt with in Arizona, Payson town officials and staff are the most professional, conscientious and hard-working individuals I have found.

Due to their hard work, we have a town that now has no current or future water supply issues, something that cannot be claimed by other municipalities.

We have a town that encourages new businesses to relocate here and has proven its ability to attract those businesses through the recent announcements of the anticipated openings of Big Lots, PetSmart and now, Big 5 Sporting Goods, while other areas just hope to do so.

We also have town officials who work untold hours to make our town the center for a proposed 6,000-student university, which could be a model for a low-cost college education and by doing so, bringing employment stability to Northern Gila County which has depended on the boom and bust housing cycle for so long.

In no small part, the work of Mike Vogel, as economic development coordinator, along with Mayor Evans and the rest of the town staff deserve the sincere thanks of our community for their diligent work and perseverance.

As had been said before, there are doers and then, there are complainers.

Mike Vogel, and the town staff are doers and get things done.

Thank you for all of your hard work on behalf of our town, Mr. Vogel.

Steve Davis


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