Energy Drinks Don’T Seem To Work As Advertised



I walk the streets of Payson daily, mostly around Rumsey Park, Green Valley Park, Main Street and Longhorn and I pick up quite a bit of trash as I walk. I can’t help but notice the many discarded empty cigarette packages and I can understand this as I once smoked and the nicotine did leave me somewhat lethargic at times.

The plethora of beer cans and whiskey bottles are also not surprising; as no one wants to be caught with an empty booze container in their vehicle, so it’s only natural to toss these incriminating items out as soon as they have served their purpose.

But, what I don’t understand is the inordinate amount of empty energy drink cans that are tossed out along the streets. You would conclude from the TV and radio ads that the folks who consume such beverages would at least have the get up and go to put the empty containers in a trash receptacle wouldn’t you?

That’s why I’ve come to doubt that these so called “quick energy” products are doing the job they are purported to perform and people should not waste their hard-earned dollars on these overpriced and underperforming products.

Please stop throwing garbage on the streets of our pretty little town.

Ted Paulk


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