Go With A Proven Job Producer



At election times, there is lots of talk about who will do what miracles. That was evident in the Clean Elections Debate recently held in Flagstaff. Brenda Barton spoke of the thousands of jobs that she helped to create, but could not provide proof to back it up. She continued to spout numbers, but could not tell us where those jobs were created. Whereas, Doug Ballard shared his background in economic development and the companies he helped bring to Arizona, like Intel and Motorola, bring hundreds of well-paying jobs to our state.

I believe the best measure of future performance is past performance. I’ll vote for the best track record in getting problems solved. Right now, Arizona’s big problem is quality jobs. In our district, only one person has a solid record of attracting thousands of high-paying jobs to Arizona. That person is Doug Ballard, who’s running for state Legislature. He has set a high bar for other legislators, who talk big, but don’t produce. Ballard has decades of experience collaborating with business leaders, corporations and government to attract jobs.

I’ll go with a proven winner any time, and challenge Barton and her friends to show what jobs they’ve attracted, other than their own.

James Hasapis


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