Pet Owners, Be Responsible



There is nothing special about the animal wastes that your dog or cat deposits on property that is not your own. Taking your dog(s) for a walk and allowing them to defecate and/or urinate in the front yard or in the street of non-pet owners is a form of vandalism and disrespect.

Trying to scoop the waste with a plastic bag doesn’t work — there is still feces left behind on the grass and pavement. Some dog owners don’t bother with the attempted cleanup. Instead, the waste is left for the victim homeowner to clean. Dogs will urinate to mark their territory with each passing dog taking a turn. The accumulated urine and odor stays behind and is not cleaned up by the pet owners. On summer days, the feces/urine odor requires the victim homeowner to keep all windows closed. Allowing your dogs to urinate on the U.S. Postal box has every person who retrieves their mail stepping into your dog’s urine and then tracking it into their homes.

Dog owners need to keep the wastes on their own property. Allow your dog access to your yard and only after they do their business in your yard do you take them for their walk. If not, you are actually training them to do their business in someone else’s yard or street front.

Dogs kept in an enclosed yard deserve to be kept in a sanitary condition. This means the dog owner must pick up wastes every day and long before they accumulate into large piles. The confined dog(s) suffers from living in their own filth. The odor coming from several fenced dogs and mountains of poop and puddles of urine is overwhelming and fouls the air for dozens of neighbors.

Cat owners need to train cats to use their own litter box and not the neighbor’s yard or garden. Cat litter needs to be properly disposed and not dumped on the ground and allowed to wash away into the neighbor’s yard or street with the first monsoon rain.

Pet ownership requires responsible care of both the pet and the community. Because you love your pets does not give you the privilege or right to foul and vandalize the rest of the neighborhood with their waste.

Gary Barnes


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