Short, Convenient Collective Historical Memory



I am uncomfortable with the large number of folks who are willing, even eager to “cleanse” the U.S. of all “illegal immigrants.”

For, as I read the history of the United States, I encounter no documentation that Native Americans invited Europeans to the New World. Yet, these “illegal immigrants” came anyway; possessing neither “green card” nor the proper immigration paperwork issued by peoples already occupying the land. And when these uninvited strangers came, they systematically dispossessed Native Americans through the use of violence and chicanery.

Now, certain descendants of those undocumented Europeans, who took by force and deceit what was not theirs, self-righteously whine about “illegal immigrants.” What a short, convenient, collective historical memory they possess!

Native Americans must be bemused by the irony of the “pot calling the kettle black”!

Bob Horne


don evans 4 years, 3 months ago

I fully authorize you to financialy support as many illegal aliens as you desire on your OWN nickel, not mine. OR, I also fully support your right to leave this terrible country permanently at any time. Perhaps you might consider Mexico? And, as for the Native Americans, they are very bemused each time you drop a quarter into one of their slot machines. Ironic, isn't it?


Pat Randall 4 years, 3 months ago

When we had the Punkin Center restaurant and bar, there was a Navajo working on the dam who I talked to a lot. He was a son of one of the Code Talkers during World War II. He wanted to teach me how to speak Navajo. I told him to write the words down for me. He laughed as we both knew there is no written language. Then he said, "one of these days we are going to take back our country and we don't want you people to know what our plans are." He may have been joking or not.


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