Veteran Treasurer Has Served Us Well



In November Americans will be voting to elect a president. Sometimes we overlook the importance of local elections, though the outcomes can have the greatest impact on our lives.

Taxes are an important issue for Americans. We don’t want to pay more than our fair share and we want to assure our tax dollars are safe and secure once collected.

A county treasurer has many responsibilities, collecting taxes, depositing and investing public funds until needed is among the most important. While it may be tempting to take investment risks in an effort to earn additional interest income, a seasoned treasurer puts safety ahead of risk, particularly in today’s turbulent markets. Would hard-working people of Gila County elect to put their tax dollars at risk in an unwise attempt to earn a small amount of additional interest income?

Debi Savage is a veteran treasurer who has proven her integrity, character and wisdom serving the people of Gila County since April 2007. Treasurer Savage has abided by Arizona Statutes for protecting taxpayer funds. She has earned very competitive returns on deposits and investments but safety of tax dollars is always her first priority.

I have had the privilege of serving as an investment adviser to the Gila County Treasurer’s Office for more than five years. Debi Savage diligently honors her fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers of Gila County and manages all challenging aspects of the office of treasurer with professional honesty and integrity.

Bob Moore


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