Let’S Keep Frontier Elementary School In The Family



One question on the November ballot asks if the Payson Unified School District should keep Frontier Elementary School. Before voting on this matter, lets examine the question for a minute.

It is true that presently, elementary school enrollment is down. But who can predict with any certainty what the future holds. If the economy picks up, if a four-year college comes to town, when we have a guaranteed water supply, who knows what our enrollment will be?

The long-range plan for Payson is for 38,000 population which would require at least one more elementary school. Too many school boards have sold off their unused property and 10 years later have had to build at a much greater cost.

By selling we may be penny wise but pound foolish.

The suggestion has been made that one could always add on to the two existing elementary schools. With the current state of education in Arizona being questioned, do we really want to make factories out of our elementary schools?

Frontier’s location makes it a perfect location to join the other two schools in a neighborhood school concept.

Teachers will tell you that the more parents are involved with their child’s school, the better the school can function. Research tells us that there is a direct relationship between the distance a school is and the number of parents that get involved.

Let’s begin planning for smaller neighborhood schools and keep Frontier Elementary in the family.

Tom Loeffler


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