Az Politicians Behaving Badly



Too many of our Arizona politicians have gone astray via their abhorrent behavior. To wit, our governor can’t seem to utter two complete and coherent sentences together without stammering, blaming the “feds” for something, or disparaging the president. The Maricopa County sheriff seems to be under constant suspicion by the Office of Civil Rights or some other federal agency. A state legislator pleaded guilty to bribery and recently resigned. A Cochise County sheriff was tough on some laws and regretfully lax on personally obeying speeding, seat belt usage, and drinking and driving laws.

Other recent state legislators have pleaded guilty to domestic abuse, money laundering, or even possible voter fraud. Also, we can’t ignore or overlook the notion that our state attorney general has been accused of breaking campaign finance laws. Did he “steal” the last election and/or was he duplicitous in his actions?

What is a concerned, diligent, and honest voter to do? Since Democrats and Republicans usually only vote for candidates for their own party, Independent voters should take drastic and unprecedented action by voting against all incumbents in the Nov. 6 Arizona state and county elections.

Only a clear and loud message to elected officials that shows we won’t tolerate misbehavior or potential criminal acts by our lawmakers will change the shenanigans of the elected officials we select to make and uphold our laws.

Independent voters can show elected officials that we’re angry and we aren’t going to tolerate “business as usual” anymore by the people we elect to uphold the public trust.

Richard K. Meszar


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