Claims That Re-Election Of Obama Means The U.S. Is Through Are Hogwash



There have been far too many statements lately claiming that a re-election of President Obama will be the finish of the United States. This is, obviously, hogwash. There is no basis for such paranoid and inflammatory claims. None whatsoever unless one is somehow persuaded by manipulated and completely distorted inventions of some tortured minds.

This country is a very long way from giving up its traditional form of government no matter who is elected. We remain a country of law administered by thousands if not millions of dedicated public servants in every state and in our capital. To believe, let alone suggest, that a radical takeover is plausible only reveals the deterioration of the claimant’s irrational mind. It is the same kind of malaise in thinking revealed in claims the government intentionally murdered innocent people in Aurora, Colo. in order to advance a gun control agenda.

These frightful distortions might possibly be shoved back under the rocks where they originate except for the worrisome comparison to the times of Abraham Lincoln. Then, as now, a rabid irrational small group of fervent anti-government miscreants decided that their future was unthinkable under a newly elected president. The dastardly actions they took then to promote their narrow, misguided thinking is, perhaps, perilously close to repeating itself.

God protect us from such a fate.

Noble Collins


Rex Hinshaw 4 years, 3 months ago

Mr. Collins, Thank you for writing your letter. It is an exellent example of what those of us that believe in smaller government and the constitution are up against. Your use of the phrases...."too many statements","paranoid and inflamatory","manipulated and completely distorted","tortured minds",irrational mind",frightful distortions","rabid irrational",fervent anti-government miscreants",and "narrow misguided thinking" are all indications of someone who is unable to debate the issues. You can't defend your candidate's record so you try to attack and devide. Your most telling statement was...."administered by thousands if not millions of dedicated public servants"....sir....THAT IS the problem ! We don't need more government....we need LESS !


Ted Paulk 4 years, 3 months ago

Noble Collins has put his thoughts together in a gentlemany manner. I envy his ability to expose these radical haters without using obscenities. I wish I had his ability to be above the fray. To me these crazed rednecks, haters, homophobic miscoginystic clowns should be treated like they want to treat our wonderful black president.


Tim Branson 4 years, 2 months ago

Yep. Definitely what we are up against. If Collins is a gentleman then I am a Democrat. If Paulk is a reasonable, logical person then I am a liberal. By the way Paulk, if you are going to accuse us of something at least look it up in the dictionary. There's no such thing as a miscoginystic anything. The word you are searching for which is completely unfounded is misogynistic. And if you can't write or speak about us "radical haters without using obscenities" then you shouldn't be joining the conversation. Makes me wonder who is really the radical hater here.


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