Democratic Party Owes Mofford An Apology



The Democratic Party advertising committee ought to be ashamed for duping our elegant former governor, Rose Mofford, into recommending Dale Hom for another term as Gila County assessor.

Ms. Mofford apparently is not aware of the fact that Dale Hom duped the county treasurer into selling at least 21 tax liens at a price inflated beyond 60 times their actual value. The three tax liens that I purchased in good faith have since lost in excess of 98 percent of their advertised value, thus costing me at least $40,000. This leads to my opinion that one of three conditions exists: 1) if this excessive valuation was done intentionally, fraud is involved; or 2) Mr. Hom is incompetent or has relied on a staff that is incompetent; or 3) someone in the assessor’s office is suffering from dementia and election of Mr. Hom would tend to make this debilitating disease even more apparent.

At least one lawsuit against Mr. Hom and Gila County is now pending; as a loyal citizen of Gila County I have a very strong desire to avoid any future misrepresentations of property values, which may cost the county a considerable amount of money.

Ms. Mofford deserves an apology for being taken advantage of by the Democratic Party.

Gerald R. Rutz


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