Mclane Residents Appeal To Council To Slow Traffic



I’m taking this opportunity to thank the editor-in-chief, Peter Aleshire, for attending the town council meeting and writing the article that appeared on Oct. 9.

I presented to the mayor and his staff and the council members a petition signed by 100 percent of the residents on McLane, between Payson Parkway and Overland, our concerns regarding speeding and reckless driving.

I’m writing to make corrections and clarifications.

It was stated in the article that “11” people signed the petition. The correct number is “19” or 100 percent in the problem area.

The mayor stated, “What they (?) generally want done is a speed hump in front of their house.” Please talk to the citizens on the street Mr. Mayor, no one wants a speed hump. We want something effective and that’s one of the best/worst solutions.

Meaningful traffic studies conducted by the town are meaningless if monitors are not correctly located. They’re continually put in a location that will not provide accurate results and town officials have been made aware of that many times. They’ve placed the monitors for their convenience, not to help the neighborhood.

It was appreciated that the editor noted that a similar issue a few years ago that “convulsed council meetings and played a key role in council elections.”

People in a neighborhood in Flagstaff were so frustrated with a similar problem that they saturated their streets with 200+ signs of disgust to get the council’s attention and encouraged strong attendance at council meetings.

The residents on the street have dealt with non-solutions for years. We’re as tired of the local politicians as we are of those at the national level. We thought safety and quality of life would be at a much higher level here in Payson. When we saw the need for this petition we quickly realized that a majority of people that signed were sick, elderly or disabled and just wanted to be able to get out of their driveway safely.

People need to get and be involved. It appears no one is listening, that we are in continual opposition, and that power and control rule over safety and quality of life. We want to be wrong this time.

Larry Kibiloski


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