School Board To Hear Report On Overhaul Of Curriculum

Common Core standards designed to stress critical thinking and set national benchmark for students

Payson Unified School District Office

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Payson Unified School District Office


Payson High School Principal Anna Van Zile will on Monday discuss what the Common Core Standards mean to Payson Unified School District, said Superintendent Ron Hitchcock.

Created to bring school districts in line on a national level, the Common Core Standards hope to bring critical thinking to learning.

Instead of simply memorizing, children will be tested on how they comprehend and use what they have learned.

Van Zile will also discuss questions that have sprung up regarding the added weight given to the grades in Advanced Placement (AP) classes.

“The core issue as to weighting certain courses would be, does that provide more incentives for students to take that course?” said Hitchcock.

AP courses offer high school students college-level rigor and so grant more grade points to a grade in recognition of the increased level of course work.

So, a B in an AP physics class would be an A in a regular physics class.

“If you have interest and/or a concern, this is your chance to ask questions,” said Hitchcock.

He said that anyone attending might also comment on a report from Donna Moore on the progress of the physical education department on the PEP (Physical Education Program) grant and a presentation by Kathe Manning on Credit for Kids donations.

“Kathe will discuss what Credit for Kids can and cannot be used for,” said Hitchcock.

The board will vote and not invite discussion on disbursing the Federal Forest Fee dollars across the board to all staff.

“The board was clear that it had been too long and too far behind in financial compensation for staff,” said Hitchcock.


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