Who Will Handle Future Terror Attacks Better?



I am writing in response to the recent discussion on the news concerning the “anti-Islamic” video that was made several months ago. At first the issue of the video was the violent protesting it caused among Islamic people in other countries, and how our country would handle it.

In response to it, both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have discussed their views on the video. Romney stated that he thought the video was very wrong, however it was legal due to our First Amendment; and Obama believed just about the same thing, however, he believed the video was no reason for the Islam protest in violent ways over the video, which was a little more of a harsh way to look at it compared to Romney’s view, but its obvious the two candidates don’t think alike.

However, I’m bringing these things into mind because of the new rumors arising from the protests: that they hint that there is another terrorist attack being planned on our country and whether or not this is true the people of this country shouldn’t take any of this news lightly as presidential elections are just around the corner, and whoever wins will be the one handling the situation.

We need to really consider who is best for our country in case situations like these get out of control. This is only one of the situations in which the role of president will be very important.

Keep the U.S.A. in mind.

Corey Levac


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