Musical Magic From Abrams Brothers

The Abrams Brothers’ performance in Payson last week left Roundup photographer Andy Towle filled with music.

Photo by Andy Towle. |

The Abrams Brothers’ performance in Payson last week left Roundup photographer Andy Towle filled with music.



Elijah, left, and John Abrams jam it up on stage to the delight of the full house of patrons.

Back in the day, after purchasing a homemade acoustic guitar from a local rock ’n’ roll talent, I raced home to begin practicing so I could turn into a famous person. I showed my brother Ron, “the guitar.” He said some famous last words I’ll never forget and would never let go of again: “Let me see that.”

My brother became a fine musician in his own right. I have a great appreciation of music with an eclectic taste in this art. Still can’t play a musical instrument, and that’s OK.

Going to concerts and becoming a part of a live music moment has literally become an important part of my ongoing life experience. Into this mix of wonder came the Abrams Brothers at last week’s Tonto Community Concert Association’s presentation.

From the first moment of their performance I was enthralled and wanted to toss my camera in my bag, sit down on stage, close my eyes and listen. Live music can be a vibrating experience that becomes a moment to savor for many years. This was one of those.

I’ve been to a Crosby, Stills and Nash concert, third row from the front, by one of the larger speakers. I could feel the music, more than hear it. Such powerful sounds I believe, literally change your body. The music passes through you as it vibrates into the surrounding air and changes your physical shell of a body.


John, left, and James Abrams turn up the volume, and delight the audience with their down home flavor of bluegrass and country music.

Many musicians are adept at their craft, but don’t have passion. John, James, and their cousin Elijah each brought their own flavor to the evening, but they all expressed their passion with each song they played.

How does one put that in words? I don’t know. Perhaps the only way is for every person on the planet to experience good music up close and personal.

The Abrams are not only good, multi-talented musicians, but they played like it was their final performance on the planet. That is why one savors these moments, to drink in that headlong love of the music.

When I left the auditorium, it could have been raining, I probably wouldn’t have known. I walked into the night, body vibrating with sound and joy. I vibrated with an uplifted spirit, with a bass guitar thrumming in the pit of my stomach, an electric violin piercing my ears and a lead guitar pinging my chest, recalibrating the pounding of my heart.

I sometimes wonder if my brother still has that old, handmade guitar. Who cares? I have discovered the comfort of live music — and come to know that passionate musicians like the Abrams Brothers can offer salvation for a sometimes weary soul.


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