Payson Vs. Community Kids



When I first started working with Marcy and the Payson Community Kids, some kids who are now in college were in elementary school. She devoted her life to being sure that “her kids” had a chance to succeed in life as well as in school.

Now, with a wonderful group of volunteers, the organization is going strong.

We often speak of Payson as a “caring community” but for some reason the Town of Payson has consistently placed hurdles to jump and roadblocks to try to stall the group’s efforts to HELP KIDS.

Shame on you! Show the Payson Community Kids that you care and support their efforts by volunteering your time and share your skill and talents. Tutor a kid after school, teach a class. Maybe the Town of Payson will finally realize that it is the right thing to do.

Donn C. Morris


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