Proven Leadership Deserves Support



I was naive enough to believe that it was only at the national level that challengers seem to be willing to say anything to get elected. The challenger to Tommie Martin makes false claims that 80 percent of county revenue comes from within the Town of Payson; and, charges that Payson only gets 17 percent of county services!

Maybe “creative accountants” have their own way of keeping financial records or maybe some folks will say anything to get elected. In the county supervisor race we have a clear choice — an incumbent who is as steady and reliable as the mountains around us or a challenger who will say anything to get elected ... I’m voting for Tommie Martin.

Tommie Martin has been remarkable as a representative for Payson as our Gila County supervisor. She was the driving force in having a system of water bladders placed around our communities.

I attended a Gila County Supervisors’ meeting in June when the Type 2 Incident Management Team recognized Tommie Martin for the significant impact her efforts had on their successful fight to control the Poco Fire located six miles northeast of Young. The team went on record stating that if Tommie had not been proactive in placing the water bladders in the national forest, the fire that ended up destroying 12,000 acres would have, in their opinion, expanded and destroyed 500,000 acres and more than likely burned Forest Lakes to the ground.

Based upon the visionary insight displayed by Tommie in this and many other issues facing Gila County, how could anyone not vote for Tommie Martin, a proven leader?

We cannot afford a candidate who makes irresponsible charges and tries to revive the north-south battle in Gila County.

The “activist” challenger claims that as a minority supervisor she would force the two south county supervisors to accept her version of county finances. That is not only simplistic and unrealistic; it will further fuel the fears of those in the south that we are really just trying to take over the county.

Tommie Martin has worked hard to build trust, even being elected as chairman of the Gila County Board of Supervisors. Under her leadership, lines of communication and cooperation have been opened; let’s not slam them closed.

Supervisor Tommie Martin is a proven leader, a dedicated citizen and a wonderful individual who deserves our support and our vote.

Ivon A. English


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