School Board Election Important — Do Your Homework


In recent days I have been approached by phone and in person regarding the upcoming election for the school board. With every contact I’ve made, the subject of the conversation is the same: Who should I vote for?

The future of our school district lies in the hands of our voting public. And we must be judicious in casting those votes. The people we elect to represent us on the Payson Unified School Board are going to be determining the direction the district takes for years to come. It is projected that the community and, as a result, the school district, will continue to lose population for the next five years. This means programs and staff will continue to be restructured and possibly reduced.

We have nine people running for three positions. As the voting public, we owe it to our students to elect three candidates who will do what is best for our students, staff and community.

So, when it comes to making choices regarding the ballot you will cast, I recommend that you ask yourself the following questions:

How involved has the candidate been in the schools to date?

Has the candidate acknowledged the positive attributes of the schools along with their concerns?

Does the candidate have a vested interest in the school system? Do they have skin in the game through kids or grandkids so that they can speak from experience?

I am proud of the work that we have done in recent years, although some of the decisions have been controversial. The decisions we have made have always been with the best interest of the students at heart. We have a good school system, as my two children can verify, and a dedicated and excellent staff. Our teachers, daily, expect our students to do their homework, and I am asking the voters and taxpayers of Payson Unified School District to do theirs, as well. We need board members who are committed to our kids and have a vision for our schools that will keep us moving in a positive direction.


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