Embarrassed State Is Ranked 50th



Am I the only one terribly embarrassed by Arizona being 50th in the United States in education dollars per student? And it will keep getting worse if the Republicans like Barton, Crandell and Thorpe get into the Legislature. Already our state Legislature, controlled by so-called conservative Republicans, has cut at least a billion dollars from the state education budget. They say they are pro-business, but what quality corporation will locate in Arizona when we have a laughably underfunded education system to offer relocating, well-educated families? Successful corporations are looking for a well-trained, capable workforce. Cutting education funds won’t attract the jobs we all want our kids to have.

Ballard, LeFevre and Chabin are for restoring the deep cuts in education. No real pro-business conservative can stand by while Arizona falls to the bottom of the educational heap.

Education cuts are clearly anti-business and anti-jobs.

Kathryn Kozak


Donald Cline 4 years, 2 months ago

Ms Kozak: If there is one thing about education funding that has been proven over and over again, it is the fact that throwing more and more money at education does not make a failing proposition successful. If the economy become robust, there will be money available for education. There is no possibility of the economy becoming robust as long as almighty government insists on micromanaging business with thousands of regulations and taxes the heck out of them to pay for it -- and to pay welfare to the victims of government who have lost their jobs because business couldn't afford to pay them and government too. Barton, Crandell and Thorpe will get government off the backs of business so business can afford to hire employees, This will greatly improve the tax base, and thereby greatly improve education funding. Ballard, LeFevre and Chabin, on the other hand, will just bankrupt the State trying to fix an economic problem with socialist remedies that have never improved any economy in the history of the planet. Socialist economies have NEVER survived without employing slave labor to make trinkets for capitalist economies.


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