Kudos For Recorder



On Oct. 16, I received a telephone call that I thought was from a clerk in the Gila County Recorder’s Office. She was extremely courteous and solved a problem that was of some concern to wife and me. We needed our absentee ballots. Not only was she sending my ballot, but my wife’s which had not yet been located. She took the responsibility to replace it with a new one and said “both are on their way immediately.”

Subsequent to the telephone call I learned that I had been conversing with the Gila County recorder herself, Sadie Jo Tomerlin. It was such an outstanding experience that I was compelled to write this letter. It is a great example of how civil servants can and should treat the public.

Sadie Jo Tomerlin is an asset to Gila County and the general public and she should be commended for an exemplary job.

Don Meloche


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