Shepherd The Right Man For Sheriff



I have had the pleasure of working with Adam Shepherd for 17 years now and to describe Mr. Shepherd is to use the word “professional.” His integrity and values are the highest that any man can have. His experience in law enforcement and with the Gila County Sheriff’s Office is as good as it can get. He always had the time to discuss matters with me, even when he was busy, because Mr. Shepherd cares about what his staff thinks and what they need. I know that when Mr. Shepherd becomes our sheriff he will lead as a man whose staff will serve him, because they want to, as compared to doing it because they have to. That is the kind of man that he is.

The office of sheriff in Gila County is the most important position that we have and to elect a candidate that has never even been a supervisor, nor dealt with budgets and wants to get rid of officers that know how to keep the county from getting sued, is quite frankly scary. The last budget for the sheriff’s office got a big cut and if someone comes in that is not experienced in large budgets and overspends, that will equate to homeowners paying above the amount they are paying now to compensate the overspending. We need a sheriff who is experienced in large budgets and that can lead this sheriff’s office to another level being within budget. Please vote for Adam Shepherd, if you want the best man for the job.

William Carlson


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