Village Gets Haunted Friday Night

The Shelby School Cub Scouts, Pack 7787, recently visited Hellsgate Fire Station in Star Valley and learned many important steps of fire safety.


The Shelby School Cub Scouts, Pack 7787, recently visited Hellsgate Fire Station in Star Valley and learned many important steps of fire safety.


The scariest and spookiest and the most fun for kids is almost here. Of course it has to be Halloween day. I remember when my kids were growing up, they would talk about what they would want to dress up as about a month before and it was always a princess for the girls and Batman for the boys or some such action hero. Anything else was not “cool.” In those days, mothers did not have to worry about the treats being anything but what they were. Nowadays, all candy has to be inspected before the kids can indulge themselves with all that sweet stuff.

I remember too, that I would choose some of the chocolate candy for myself, telling them they should share with their mom since I always helped dress them before they went out the door. Again, times have changed. My kids could go out to trick or treat by themselves as long as they stayed in the neighborhood. Nowadays, parents have to go with their kids, since there are so many “crazies” out there.

Haunted House

Since I have talked about Halloween, the Shelby School and Black Plastic Productions, right here in Tonto Village will be presenting its Haunted House on Friday, Oct. 26. Tours run from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Come and be scared and entertained. Admission is $2 for students and $3 for adults. Children 5 and under are admitted free. Use caution for this age group, they may get too frightened. There will be a creepy maze for the younger kids. The evening promises to be a good pastime for the kids in the Village besides loading up on all that candy.

Keeping with the Halloween theme, the Double D Saloon and Café will be hosting a costume party on Saturday, Oct. 27. There will be prizes for the best costume and snacks for everyone. There will also be live music to dance to. The fun gets started around 7 p.m. Get that costume out of the closet and get ready to have some great fun!

Hellsgate Updates

The Fireflies were invited to the Christopher/Kohl’s Cruisin’ into Fall at the Christopher Creek Fire Station this past Saturday. The event was a great success, there were so many wonderful looking old cars and even some of the Modified Motorcycle Association rode their great looking bikes to the event.

The Fireflies set up a booth to sell their cookbook, “Fireflies Can Cook.”

There were plaques and bottles of wine to the winners of the car show.

The Fireflies wish to thank Chief Rob Jarvis and Firebelles auxiliary president Sheila Marcum for the invitation to join them. Let’s hope there can be a repeat of the wonderful cooperation between the fire companies.


Only one birthday to report for the end of October. Mae Jones will celebrate her big day Oct. 31. Lucky gal! Everyone gets to have fun on her birthday. Mae divides her time between Bear Flat and the Valley. Happy birthday to you, Mae.

On a personal note, our youngest daughter, Carolyn Peterson and her husband Jeff will celebrate their anniversary on Oct. 29. Carolyn now lives in Des Moines, Iowa and we don’t get to see each other very often, but my husband and I wish them every happiness as they move forward in their years together. Happy anniversary to you both.

Shelby School

The Shelby School Cub Scouts (Pack #7787) visited Hellsgate Fire Station in Star Valley on Oct. 22. They learned many important steps of fire safety, including the importance of having a designated “meeting place” at home in case of a fire. The Cub Scouts were shown the fire station’s newest fire truck by the firefighters on duty and even got to use the fire hose.

Double D Doings

This past Tuesday evening a mixed doubles pool competition was held. The winners were Ron DesRochers, Ethel Cain and Jonny Namm.

Congratulations to the winners.


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