Voting For Hallie Overman-Jackman



I can feel a change coming over the country right down to our own county. It seems as though we are all pretty sick of business as usual politics. That brings me to the purpose of my letter. I attended a meet-and-greet for Hallie Overman-Jackman a few days ago and was very impressed. She has a real working knowledge of the issues. I’m not really surprised about that. I would expect someone who is running for any office to be on top of things and to have done their homework, although Hallie does exceed any expectations that I would have had. What really impresses me is the way she is going about it.

Hallie is running as an Independent candidate. She doesn’t have the backing or help of either of the two major parties. She doesn’t’ have the luxury of the incumbency of the office with the subtle pressure that brings with it. No, she is going this alone with the help of a few very active and loyal supporters and a real desire to make a change for us for the better. I admire her creativity of the caravan that she organized a few weeks ago. The originality of her signs and her well-placed advertising. I don’t know what her funding is, but my guess is that there aren’t too many businesses in this town willing to stick their necks out against an incumbent, to openly support her. This is truly a grassroots effort on Hallie’s part to do what is right for us. She certainly has my vote and I hope you take time to think about how much work this has been for her and how much she must be committed to doing the right thing for us and our district in this county.

Paul Hopper


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