Large Birds Killing Small Pets In Woodhill



We who have built our homes in the high country are living in the forest with the wildlife who inhabit our area.

Those of us who have small pets know that we have to make sure that they are safe when they are outside. This last month, two pets in the Woodhill subdivision have been killed by large predatory birds. One was a small five-pound dog that was whisked away and the other was a silky terrier who died from talon punctures to the throat. She was too heavy for the bird to carry away, so the vet was able to determine what had attacked her.

It is important for owners of small pets to make sure that their pets are safe from predatory birds when they are outside.

We no longer allow our small dog to use the doggie door or go outside alone. It is a nuisance, but we would be heartbroken if she were to be snatched away.

Lucy Briggs


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