Bee Line Halloween Surprise Breakfast

Dan Sexton, the bee keeping restauranteur, takes a receipt from a satisfied customer, as he and his crew of servers celebrate the Halloween spirit and delight their many customers.

Photo by Andy Towle. |

Dan Sexton, the bee keeping restauranteur, takes a receipt from a satisfied customer, as he and his crew of servers celebrate the Halloween spirit and delight their many customers.



Kassie Sexton cleans a booth as people enter fill the cafe and chat with the busy bee servers.

Never assume today will be another yesterday; you know, the same thing will happen today that took place yesterday. Maybe some of the details may be similar, but each day has its own agenda and Halloween, I prefer the term, Samhein (pronounced - Sowin) is turning into its own strange event.

This morning's first phone call was from the Bee Line Cafe on Hwy 87, AKA (Also Known As) the Bee Line Hwy. Dan Sexton, who runs the place with partners, called to say the waitresses were wearing bee costumes and I might like to come on in and take a few shots.


Maria Gutierrez also does busy bee busboy duties as customers wait by the door for a booth, a table or counter space.

Yeah sure, I'm jumping at the chance, can't you tell? I went back to other pressing duties: checking email, looking over the Roundup's Facebook page, etc. and went about editing some images, but all the while thinking about those women in costume.

The bug had gotten into my brain and the only way to release it was to go down there and check it out. The Bee Line is always buzzing with activity, but word had spread about the costumed servers and, it was almost standing room only.

Dan Sexton greeted me and I proceeded to let him know I'd just take some shots of the girls working the tables and whatever else they happen to be doing.

Then I noticed Sexton was putting on a beekeepers outfit. Great! I was in luck with this. Between taking orders I asked Kassie Sexton how this delightful circumstance came about. She explained dressing up in different outfits was always a fun thing to do and Halloween was the perfect opportunity, but she decided to take it a step further and get the other servers involved.


Rena Slaughter takes another breakfast order as she hovers over the counter clients who peruse menus or know what they want and don't need a menu. It was a Denver omelet with cheese, hot sauce on the side, hash browns and wheat toast with coffee.

Every bee outfit was similar but different and all of them fit the description of 'cute.' One costume was ordered on line, one bought locally and five were hand made and all of the servers would have an opportunity to delight customers with their outfits.

I hung out for a while and listened to conversations within my ears' capabilities: "You look so cute in that. Are you going to do this everyday?"

"What a great idea."

"Are you doing anything after work? Like going to a costume party, maybe? With me?"

"That's a cool Bee apron, did you make it?"

"Are you getting paid extra today?"

I got the shots I needed, thanked Dan for the heads up and requested he call me when something else is happening and took my leave. My day had changed from so-so to looking good.

When I got back to the office something happened that hardly ever happens, my phone was ringing and kept ringing. It was like the rest of Payson knew I was out taking pictures and wanted press coverage. It almost looked like it was time for my evil twin to step in for the rest of the day so I could take off and eat my M&M's in peace. Everybody needs some kind of candy for Halloween.

Well, looks like today is going to be anything but yesterday re-run.


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