Director Made Library The Jewel It Is Today



Congratulations to Terry Morris on her retirement!

According to the dictionary, a library is “an arranged collection of books; the building where such a collection is kept.” Well, that definition has certainly changed through the years.

The library of today is a vibrant hub of activity, offering a variety of levels of education, entertainment, solace and exploration! Books for one and all, audio books, movies, music, reference materials, newspapers, magazines, activities for children almost every day of the week, public computers to access the Internet, various classes, a quiet place to study, or just relax and simply enjoy a cup of coffee. Every day the library is filled with adventure, travel, laughter, meeting old friends, making new friends, learning, having fun, and enjoying life.

That’s a lot to get in a “building where books are collected and kept.”

Terry Morris has given almost 30 years of her life to making the Payson Public Library such a library, and her role has certainly changed with the times. As director of the library, Terry was called upon to act as “master of ceremonies” of a daily three-ring circus: making decisions about which books to keep, which books to purchase, which books to accept as a donation; interacting with patrons and staff and meeting their changing needs; being the accountant who keeps the books balanced; waving her magic wand when monies are tight (or frequently non-existent) to pay for on-going building maintenance and repairs; being the “creative idea person” for new library services, for offering exciting children’s activities, for fund-raisers, for developing library advertising; being the “mover and shaker” to propose, fund and develop public support for a brand-new 15,000-square-foot library facility which has become the “jewel” of our community today; being the lady who looks into her crystal ball to see where the library functions are headed in the next 10 to 20 years and being ready at a moment’s notice to change gears as needed.

Terry has done all that, and plenty more, including picking up a shovel and digging out trenches to keep the library from being flooded when it was located on Main Street.

We wonder sometimes about how life works, and with Terry, the Town of Payson has been truly blessed with a lady who understands the importance of hard work, not giving up, loving with all her heart, and taking pride in the job she was asked to do.

The Payson Public Library was Terry’s destiny, her reason for being, and we are all indebted to her for her vision, her courage, her dedication, and her belief in bringing the absolute best to the patrons every single day.

From all your loving friends, thank you, Terry, for a job well-done! As you begin the next chapter of your life, may you enjoy a well-deserved rest, and may retirement bring you much satisfaction and a few more adventures along the way.

Kathy Morgan, on behalf of all your friends at the Payson Public Library


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