Opportunity Squandered



Over the past years, I have heard many of the residents of Star Valley, Payson and other parts of Northern Gila County complain about how little say we have in what happens in Gila County. Some have even suggested that we form a new county. The recent primary election gave us an excellent opportunity to change this with Ronnie McDaniel running for Gila County Supervisor, District 3. Unfortunately, the individuals that reside in District 3 failed to show up and vote during the primary election and we lost our opportunity to have two of the three Gila County supervisors be represented by residents of Star Valley and Payson. Now, due to voter apathy, it will be another four years before we can actually have an impact on where the power in the county resides. All I can say is everyone needs to quit complaining about the power base of the county being in Globe. What a shame! We had a great opportunity and we did not take advantage of it.

Bill Armstrong


Pat Randall 4 years, 4 months ago

Everyone wants to complain but can't take an hour at the most to get up and go vote. Now they can early vote or vote by mail, don't even have to leave home. Can choose the day they vote. They get what they deserve. Something to complain about.


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