Telling A Lie Repeatedly Does Not Make It True



How many times does a lie have to be told to make it true? The people who are so driven to “repeal Obama Care” can’t seem to find a reason to do so. The majority of them claim (incorrectly) that Obama stole over $700 billion to fund the Affordable Health Care Act.

We, who are most favorably affected by the law, are already seeing changes in our coverage. For instance, my grandchildren with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage and the children under 26 years of age can be covered by their parents’ policy. When the law takes full affect in 2014, my wife will be able to shop for less expensive coverage in spite of being a type 2 diabetic, she too cannot be refused coverage for a pre-existing condition. We have already received a letter stating that a refund will be issued by our insurer based on stipulations in the Health Care Act.

The discussion of the $700 billion should be represented as a savings in the Medicare system. When a doctor bills Medicare for services for a person he/she has never seen, that is fraud that costs hundreds of thousands. When three specialists all order the same expensive tests for the same person they are wasting hundreds of thousands. When someone has to be readmitted to the hospital for the same complaint because of medical incompetence that costs hundreds of thousands. These and many other issues are what the Health Care Act is addressing in order to save that money over the next 10 years.

The following is a quote from the researchers at

“The health care law instituted a number of changes to try to bring down future health care costs in the program. The total anticipated savings comes to $716 billion over the next 10 years, as determined by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.”

This lie has been disproved by enough authorities that it should have gone away within the last three years, yet it persists. If you tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth to those who will not take the time to check for themselves.

Chuck and Leslie Burns


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 4 months ago

I’m sure that when it comes to lying, both sides can break records. However, to write something so bizarre, without any reference of proof is, itself, the height of hypocrisy, if not, itself, falling within the realm of what they accuse others of.

If these people want to step up and say this, it is incumbent upon them to prove what they are claiming. I just looked at the letter the CBO sent to John Boehner dated July 24, 2012. On page 13 of that letter the CBO advised Mr. Boehner that if Obamacare were repealed, medicare spending would go up by $716 Billion. Now, the writers of this article wants us to see the money in question as a “savings in the Medicare System”. They have not only believed ‘that’ lie, but are promulgating it, assured within themselves, that it is truth.

I call that a lie, because I have never seen a liberal regime ‘save’ money. If it were an actual savings, why didn’t they do it before now? They have had control of the congress since 2006. It is an obvious lie. What they refer to as a “savings” is actually a reduction of payments to health care providers. It is masked as recouping of, or preventing, fraud, but we already have mechanisms to stop that. If it hasn’t been stopped, how is an incompetent President going to do any better? How is a bureaucracy ever going to do such?

Our doctors are already bailing out of the Medicare/Medicaid systems in droves, because they foresaw this ‘savings’ coming. Just who will care for us old folks when we go to the hospital? The answer is that it is to be the inexperienced or incompetent who can’t make a good living in regular practice. This “savings” they speak of will also force the ‘death-squads’ that liberals claim won’t be there.

If you have minimal funding, (Brought about by Obamacare) how else can you ‘effectively’ use what little funds you have, if you don’t ‘allocate’ them? This has been the result in Canada and most European countries, especially England, where people die, waiting for their procedures to be approved by some committee in a back room somewhere, and then put in the queue, where they wait again, if they haven’t already died. Some people there wait 18 months or more for critical procedures.

Conservatives have adopted the medicare rationale, and are assuring old folks that with them, they would not be stripped of coverage, while liberals, led by Obama, see it a ready opportunity of slipping money from this pocket to that one.

Additionally, the conservatives have already said that when they kill Obamacare, they will promote some of the very things these writers promote as the attractive things of Obamacare, above.

I encourage you to read the letter, readily available on the web, instead of believing lies compounded by people who fall for them.


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