Sheriff’S Office Policy Needs To Be Changed



Just a question — Why is it legal for the Gila County Sheriff’s Office to call out an armed sheriff’s deputy to duty who has been consuming alcoholic beverages? (Payson Roundup, Sept. 7, 2012) Why is it legal for a sheriff’s deputy to drive a Gila County sheriff’s vehicle after consuming alcohol? Why put a deputy who has been consuming alcoholic beverages in a position to be fired upon and in turn fire his weapon where either he or the suspect could be killed? Once that happens alcohol becomes a factor in all actions of the incident. Lawyers love these types of actions.

From what I’ve read and heard, it seems that everyone who consumes alcohol thinks that they are fine to drive an automobile. Most police agencies would disagree with this and give the driver a sobriety test and/or arrest the driver.

Sheriff Armer’s policy of calling out armed deputies who have been consuming alcohol is just plain wrong.

I hope sheriff candidates Shepherd or Jones, once elected, will change this potentially taxpayer costly and dangerous policy.

Jim Muhr


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