Why Are Some Contractors Against Obama?



I’ve been receiving a lot of anti-Obama e-mails from my contracting buddies lately ... actually ever since Barack took office, and the question occurred to me, “Why are you guys so opposed to him rather than the Republicans?”

Since I retired from selling Caterpillar tractors four years ago, I study this stuff way too much and feel I’m pretty much up to speed on both parties, but maybe I’ve missed something.

I saw where the president tried to pass a bill to rebuild infrastructure, e.g., bridges, highways and such ... your kind of work. Each time this bill has been proposed, the GOP has blocked it. I would think that it’s your rice bowl that is being broken by these construction obstructionists (pretty, good huh?) and that you would be at least mildly upset by their actions. Instead I keep seeing this man belittled by the construction industry folks through cheap shot e-mails (most of which are either outright lies ... he’s a Muslim, Kenyan, communist (really: communist?), Joe McCarthy and J. Edgar are as dead as the communist party in America).

Just wondering ... why do you dislike this man and his party who are seemingly on your side?

I just read the latest Newsweek and there was a long article in there about how electric and gas companies are charging customers to rebuild their old gas lines and telephone poles but are instead putting it in the pockets of their executives while at the same time laying off thousands of linemen and laborers, and not doing the repairs we are all paying them to do. This does not sound like something that is in the interest of your companies that “Build America.”

Personally, I like the current president because he got Deb insurance, she won’t qualify for Medicare for another five years (one of the disadvantages of marrying a young chick), so I have a vested interest in keeping Barack in office and I gladly admit it. But why the heck are you guys supporting a candidate/party who is busy killing construction jobs?

I would appreciate a thoughtful answer to my thoughtful question. I really want to know.


Ted Paulk


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 4 months ago

Maybe you missed something? Yeah, you’ve missed the boat, if you have had contact with contractors as you suggest. And, being a Cat salesman, you would have gotten an ear full of why Obama must go. To be a successful Cat salesman (You were, weren’t you?) you could not have helped but know the answer to the question in your first paragraph. Therefore, you are starting this off with a false premise. They dangle the carrot of big work, but due to competition, 10 percent of us get the few such contracts that are let. (Most of that money goes to pay off political cronies, not real jobs.) And, all of us have blossoming administrative headaches due to the inflated bureaucracy. Our contracts used to be 10 to 15 pages long, now they are over 150 pages long. We have environmental headaches galore. Our trucking regulations have jumped through the roof and our payrolls, due to Davis Bacon rules are ridiculous in the extreme. We are all about safety, but we have to hire specialists just to wade through the paperwork required.

Construction people are an independent lot. We built our companies, not him, and not the communist liberal left. Sure, we provide bridges for other people to drive to work over, but we are paid by the taxes they paid in. They don’t owe us a thing, once we get paid for our work, just as we don’t owe them a thing except to pay for the goods and services they provide for us. That’s free enterprise. Capitalism. Not handouts! You suggest since he’s slipping us other people’s money that we should take it and keep our yaps shut. Bunk!!!

Yes, communist. All a socialist is, is a communist that hasn’t grown up yet. In the 60’s we called them Pinkos. Red communists fought wars to gain control. Pinkos (Diluted Reds—Who call themselves socialists) do it by slight of hand, here. The goal is the same. Total control. Then they won’t take bids, they’ll tell us the price, and what we’ll do it for, who to hire and fire, which trucks we can use and who to get the materials from. No thank you. Give me freedom or give me death. Ever hear that before? There was a reason the man said it, and a reason it resonated with Americans so well. BTW, it is a lie to say the American Communist Party is dead. It is very much alive and prospering. And, guess who they endorsed for President this time, and last time? Hussein himself.

That man is on no one’s side but his own. Go see the movie 2016, and get an eye full of well documented reality, instead of repeating liberal articles badmouthing our companies. When has Newsweek printed anything other than political trash? Isn’t it basically bankrupt? Guess why.

What construction jobs are the conservatives killing? Get gov’t out of our way, and we’ll create plenty of jobs, without all that paperwork. Look at the tens of thousands of jobs he has killed by his repeated attacks on the oil industry. That has hurt us construction people, too. Yes, you did miss something.


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 4 months ago

Ah, bigotry. The magical word. That one word assumed to guarantee defeat of every opponent, regardless of education, position, religious affiliation, actions of the past or thoughts for the future.

I’m curious, how you can prescribe that notion to me, seeing I said nothing ‘bigoted’ in the post above? Or, perhaps you were thinking of Mr. Paulk? You didn’t specify. I don’t know the man, but I suggest you would be as misdirected in applying that term to him as to me.

It is a shame people can’t say what they mean, instead of throwing a slight that no one believes. Therefore, you are invited to say what you mean; instead of wielding the magical light saber of "bigotry" that is perceived to eliminate opposition, when in actuality it affects nothing, but to highlight the user’s incapacity.


Ted Paulk 4 years, 4 months ago

Sims, you reference the movie "2016" and yet you smear "Newsweek"? Do your homework so people can't see your ignorance in public. I know pretty near every contractor in Northern and Eastern Arizona, yet I've never heard of you. Communists? BS.


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