Loose Dogs A Hazard



As is my custom, this morning I set out on a neighborhood walk. About a block from home I met three good-sized dogs running loose. My efforts to avoid them or shoo them off were not successful, with one jumping with his front paws on my back.

Fortunately for me a young woman in a pickup drove up and with her truck drove the dogs off. They took off up a cul-de-sac and while she offered me a ride, I was able to head back home safely on foot.

I was not alert enough to even notice if the dogs had collars or tags.

As an older woman the morning walks are part of an effort to maintain my health and independence. Do I stop them for fear of falling of being bitten? Hopefully it will be enough to carry a big stick and hope this incident was a one-time escape by those dogs.

To the young woman who came to my rescue with her truck, I was too flustered to say it then but — thank you!

Donna Adrian


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