Americans Are Dying For Those Who Attack Us



As I watch the news, I am appalled! Appalled that our brave men and women are dying to protect my freedoms to read what I want, view what I want and write what I want — and yet as Americans we have to apologize to the world for that right.

Why are nations (predominantly believers in Islam) upset that a movie has been made here, in America where freedom to do so is guaranteed? Because in their countries no such freedom is allowed. And the person(s) who do so would immediately have been put to death. Yet our military men and women are dying to provide them that opportunity for freedom!

November is coming — I urge you all to exercise your right to vote — to vote for candidates who will stand up for what is right, just and sacred to us all. My husband and my father were World War II veterans; my friends went to Vietnam — to defend our rights to live free. It is our duty to honor them by voting.

Camille Levee


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