Why The Country Is Broke



Yes the country is flat broke. Why?

Under Reagan the rich capitalists and big corporations slowly took control of the government and the media. The equal time laws that gave the opposition the right to respond to their opponents’ charges were struck down. The laws that protected the lower classes were changed so corporations could gobble up the newspapers, radio and TV stations. There would be no rebuttals to the constant drumbeat of the rich and big business. There were no limits to the right wing blather. Soon their message was all that was heard. As Einstein said, “When the media is owned by one interest they will broadcast the message of that interest only.”

Despite those who complain and moan about “the liberal media” there is no such thing. Contrary to all common sense, the liberal media is all but obliterated. Name one newspaper that can truly be called liberal. Who do 80 percent of the papers recommend for office? Republicans. How many liberal letters to the editor and editorials do you see in the national press versus ones slamming the Democrats? Where are the hundreds of local left wing papers? Where are the alternatives to Rush; The Wall Street Journal; The Arizona Republic; the two 24/7 Fox News (fair and balanced) channels? Please point out this imaginary liberal media.

The rich and corporations had unlimited funds to flood the airways with their nonstop messages. Unfortunately the uninformed and easily deluded were greatly influenced by these messages. There were virtually no other competing voices, save for a few, such as unions, to uphold the interest of anybody but the rich. They had effectually smothered all opposition. The hogs went hog wild. Backed by their untold and untaxed billions they could rule and they did. Nothing was too expensive if it meant more money for them. The newspapers, TV stations and radio, owned by vast media empires, virtually elected who they wanted, including presidents. People whose minds were too limited to encompass the entire situation believe the rich.

Leon Chamberlain


don evans 4 years, 4 months ago

Typical socialist liberal mantra. Class warfare. We elistist educated (but no common sense) know what's best for you flyover country bubbas. How pathetic. At least come up with a new message like Obama "Forward" (OFF THE CLIFF YOU SHEEP)


Rex Hinshaw 4 years, 4 months ago

Mr. Chamberlain, Liberal media? How about ABC,NBC,CBS,MSNBC,CNN,PBS,Time,Newsweek,and any newspaper owned by Gannett....by the way,that includes the Republic. You must be drinking something stronger than KoolAid and live in an alternate universe.


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